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After being on DeviantArt for a few years now, I've noticed patterns in people's stories. Patterns, that I can't say I've ever seen until I started using the internet. I believe that's because these kind of patterns are thoroughly unprofessional. The pattern in short is this:

Character = victim
Plot = bad things happening to said victim

Maybe this sounds harsh. It's not if you understand that is ALL there is to these stories. They take any character, hurl them into a tragedy and that's it.

Let's get this straight: We do not know your character well enough to care about them yet. No matter how bloody and gutty their injuries are, no matter how many of their family members are deceased, no matter what their boyfriend did to them, no matter what kind of disease they have, WE. DO. NOT. CARE!!!!!
These kind of things are sad in themselves, but WHO is this person we're supposed to feel so horrible for? Establish THAT. It should be your absolute FIRST priority: no exceptions.

No more pasting faces onto the same cardboard-cut-out sob story protagonist.
If you want readers to care, you must FIRST GIVE THEM A HUMAN BEING TO CARE FOR.

If you don't, yes of course you are still going to get comments from emotional people who find your story intriguing. That is not the point.
The absolute WORST thing you can do is (I hate saying this), taking comments from people on the internet seriously (about your writing, that is).
People who have no CLUE about literature will post comments on the most unprofessional writings and say things like, "This made me cry. You are like the next J.K Rowling."

All I'm saying is that if you think things like Twilight are insults to literature, I beg you to take the advice given above. If not, what can I say but: carry on. Let the age of Mary Sue begin.

We need to remember: a rich story is made up of so much more than only one element; it can't rely only on being "dark," or "tragic" or "romantic." These things are for bringing out emotion. It's ESSENTIAL that there is something worth being emotional ABOUT.
That is how you tell a beautiful story.

And even then, if you give us something we truly care about, you'll realize "I can make something even less tragic happen and it will have a much greater effect now."
Sometimes you'll even realize that being subtle is even more disturbing and "dark" than going all out.

I said it before, I'll say it again: drama is the anti-suspense. Drama needs something to feed on or else it is dead.
It's up to you to make casual, every-day scenes interesting too.
Humor is a particularly wonderful tool for making characters appealing. The more appealing the character, the more the audience will care when they suffer.

Think of your favorite cartoon character. Now imagine if they died. Not a funny, cartoon-ish death where we know that they'll be all right again in three seconds.
Pretend they came to a permanent end that was actually portrayed very tragically and non-sarcastically.
Kind of leaves you with a disturbed feeling, doesn't it? If this is the way you want your audience to feel about your characters, then follow this example. It doesn't mean your character has to be as silly as a cartoon character, it just means we should feel like we know them in such a way that we can feel their pain.

In short: don't give us another card-board soap opera. Give us something to love.
No more "I'm going to drench this character in blood and my story will automatically be deep!" If that's as deep as you can get, you must be very shallow indeed.


I'm saying that introducing the character should be first *priority,* not necessarily the first thing in the story. The point being, don't write a story that you worry about the character second to the soap opera.
Of course many stories (Harry Potter included) start off with bad things happening. This is because they're crucial to setting up the entire story. The point is not to expect your audience to be scandalized yet.

Also, when you read this guide, assume I'm talking about writing seriously. I'm not picking on those of you writing for practice/fun/etc.
This is a concern because things like this are being published these days. If this isn't your goal, carry on by all means.

I posted this because it's getting to the point where there is no unique style. This is the style that most beginners (and therefore most people) tend to use. I'm not picking on beginners, just pointing out not to settle with the first, most obvious style of writing that no one encourages them to grow beyond.
Are there people who enjoy this kind of writing? Of course. But why is it all we should be content with?

The attitude should be something like this: make the character deep enough for whatever you're writing.
If it's a short deviation, naturally less so than in a novel.
Same if it's not the point of the thing you're writing (say you're just trying to bring out a moral or something).
However, if you expect to write a sob story this is highly important.
I'm sure I'll be coming back and adding to this every now and then.
Comments, especially long ones are welcome! I love discussing writing!

If you want to see more, please read:
List of Cliches in Writing: [link]
Explanation of Mary Sue: [link]
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Given 2013-06-09
How Not to Tell a Story by ~MakingFunOfStuff Suggester writes: A hard, but strong article with the right message. ( Suggested by inknalcohol and Featured by BeccaJS )
StoryTeller1215 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2015  New member Hobbyist Writer
Thank you...Ai A-chan Fuuyuumi (Tears of Joy) [V1] thank you very...very much! 
SporeDiatrymisss Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I remember how I won the 1st place litterature prize at school, the third year in a row. The theme of the year was crime and punishment. So, as I understood, everyone in my class wrote about murder or theft or something, these big and dramatic kind of things.

I wrote about a little six years old girl that killed a toad by accident.

I wonder if this means anything
Robotic-Mind Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2014
I love your stuff about bad writing! I'm 13 and I'm no professional writer, but I know that you should take tips about how to write well and study.
Dachsiribo Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great article. I'll definitely keep this in mind when I pick up writing again. Thank you!

Congratulations on the Daily Deviation, by the way.
Legacyhunter Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Very much agree. This really refreshes my mind and made me see clearer. I'll be 100% sure to take this as a good advice for further improvements. Thank you!
DanielleIvanova Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
While I was reading this, especially the part about humour being a nice way to define your character and make your readers care about him/her, I thought about Terry Pratchett. Don't know if you ever read any of his Discworld novels but they are all coloured by a very peculiar and unique sense of humour and all his characters are described in a very caricatural way, including some of the events in their lives that are very dramatic, life-threatening even. And then in one of the books during a possibly catastrophic risk of war the greatest trouble for the main protagonist is going home exactly ON TIME to read his son to sleep - an issue he gives priority to over his own life and the prevention of a massive, peace-endangering battle. And this problem strikes you so deeply while you're reading, the drama of it is so profound and the sympathy invoked so honest that it's both endearing and ludicrous. It makes you want to scold yourself and the protagonist for caring so much but you simply cannot help it. Now if that isn't a contrast to what you described! :D
CaitieBerry Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
I completely agree with you, here. If a bad thing happens to a character we've come to love and care about, it's a tragedy and we all feel horrible. But if it happens to a character we have no emotional attachment to, yes, we're going to feel bad that those things happened, but that's it. It's like hearing on the news that someone (whom you didn't know) has been murdered; yes, it sucks, but you feel only a vague sense of sympathy before moving on. And even that sympathy is based more on guilt than anything else -- you'd be a horrible person if you didn't feel sad that it happened, so you feel a token sense of sympathy for the victim and/or their family; then, obligation complete, you move on. Yes, I'm sorry your character was brutally raped by her stepbrothers; but I'm sorry more because I'm supposed to be than anything else. In actuality, to quote the late Douglas Adams, I don't give a pair of fetid dingo's kidneys. Give me a reason to sympathize with your character; then I'll care.
MakingFunOfStuff Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Good analogy.

In a good book, losing a character feels like losing a friend. 
In other books, it's just like hearing about a death on the news.
Both are sad, but which shows the better author?

I like that analogy lots.
CaitieBerry Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Thank you :blush:
BambooFoxFire Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student Filmographer

I'd be lying if I said I didn't like to write the angsty/emo characters *shot*

On another note though, I don't think that it's JUST the fact that they write characters with tragedy and emo-ness surrounding them so much as HOW they write them. Most often, I find that people write them as nothing more than an excuse for the character to be "rescued" by the story's love interest, and after a few hugs and cuddles and kisses, all their angst and troubles magically vanish, or the troubles and drama that occure are more melodrama than actual tragedy or what-have-you.

No PTSD, no official counseling or therapy needed, and they get over it rather quickly without even one relapse or without their angsty troubles causing any REAL relationship strain(i.e. having to work on their own bad behaviors or habits which might be destructive as a result of abuse they suffered, or if they do, it's treated as "cute" or "no big deal", but never actually addressed in a manner to solve it, or losing relationships because of it, or needing serious interventions, et cetera).

I love a well-written tragedy/angst story that addresses those problems, which would be issues one would have to tackle in real life or suffer consequences to their relationships and such, but it's really hard to find those well-written ones under all the ones that are total crap.

MakingFunOfStuff Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014
Agreed, it all depends on how you handle it.
I'd like to see more realistic stories instead of always having to keep my expectations at level cheesy. Unfortunately, believable stories are hard to find.
BambooFoxFire Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2014  Student Filmographer

Amen to that.

If you haven't read her work before, though it's fanfiction(mainly Fullmetal Alchemist), Sevlow on does an awesome job of very gritty, realistic, believable portrayals of dark fiction and angst. Honestly I don't know anyone who does it better.

AkiLightAngel742 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Artist
I must i really like your opinion on this topic. I'm sad to say i'm one of those people who like those kind of story. (hey i favor a lot of them too and they are reader insert. Yet most story are character fro movies and manga/anime ) but only enjoy the positive and just interesting to see a story in second person. There times where it so what "tragic" but i don't mind. I would even admit that readied the twilight series,and let me tell you i did NOT like the ending or how pitiful character the author put Bella. (I think that's here name). Yet it a great book for A.R points though! (A.R.=Accelerated Reader.  thicker the book is the more points you get! i did it because you get to pick out a prize if depending how much points a book get. i really wanted the limited addition sport back with my middle school "logo") And from my middle school year i started to read more books but more unique characters and plots. Most are one shot story.


The reason I comment is you open my eyes on how not to make a "common" story and how to be careful when writing. I glad to see your point of view and how other too. You made me think of the great author of history and how they write there story. Realistic stories.

I also want your opinion on this story i'm developing. Its basically has a tragic beginning with both the main and minor characters. All which have different point of views with each character depending on the book (it a series,) yet still have the main character insert there. The genre is mostly action, real life,superhuman, and science fiction. It does have romance in there but it is realistic. It just a story about 14 teens with curses/gift and fight against each other in a war. A man who gave them the powers wanted them to destroy the world and control them for him to be the ruler of earth. Backfire now they are now 14 children became the most hated and fear human know to man. Also there goal is to kill each other. It is a future like story.

(I'm sorry for grammar errors here and there i'm still trying to improve my grammar and my vocabulary.) I just curious on what you think so far.

MakingFunOfStuff Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2014
Thanks for the comment, and sorry for such a late response.
It sounds like an interesting story, I could see it really becoming something great if you stick with it and develop it. I say go for it.
AkiLightAngel742 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Student Artist
Thank you so much! Don't worry about the late response!
Whitewolf977 Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Hi there. I am a collaborative writer with my best friend, and I need some help. You really seem to know what you're talking about, so I hope you can give me some advice.

Anyway, my best friend and I have been trying to write this one story since high school. Back then, we were having fun RPing with these characters (which we still do today) and we thought it was a good idea. Now that I'm out of high school and have matured quite a lot since then, I can see that our story is a cluttered, confused, mess. My best friend doesn't seem to see it that way. That's not to say that she's overly defensive about the story, but she is reluctant towards change.

When I say it's cluttered, I mean it. The main character is a space alien (that looks exactly like a human being by the way) who works on Earth as a part-time grim reaper, hunts demons, is friends with vampires, and has telekinetic powers. If you weren't made dizzy by that description, then I congratulate you. I've tried bouncing ideas around to try to make it all make sense and fit, but as it is it's like a jenga tower ready to topple. If I take anything out at this point, the whole thing will just fall apart. I have no idea how to tell her this without hurting her feelings.

I recently came up with an idea that this character is a story within a story. What I mean by that is that this character is being used as a coping mechanism/self-insert by a less-than-popular teenage girl. Whenever the girl in the story needs to vent some sort of emotion or figure something out in her life, she would write the telekinetic-alien-grim-reaper-demon-hunter story. I haven't told this idea to my friend yet, and I'm afraid of offending her. I also don't want to end our silly, little RPs; I just want them to be different from the story. What should I do? (I'm also sorry for being a bit long-winded).
MakingFunOfStuff Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013
Thank you for asking, I'm flattered that you would value my opinion.
To be honest, the description didn't seem very cluttered to me; it made sense and I understood it (so don't worry there). I think it could work. 
It's hard to take a fair view on the story from just a comment, but from what I can see there's potential for it to go either way. It could definitely make a good story, but I can see your concerns about how it could go wrong as well. I think you should give it a try; it couldn't hurt. It's not the idea that you should worry about, just the way it's executed.
I too, have actually turned what you could call a role play into a book. I also had a partner, so I can understand what you mean about not wanting to take anything important away from them. What we did was make an outline in which we took absolutely everything w'd ever created and FORCED them into puzzle pieces that would fit together. It was confusing at times, but in the end it's worth it. You end up with a much richer story that way. It could take a lot of manipulating, but it would be worth it to have the official story.
If there's one thing I've learned, it's never to be afraid that something sounds too "weird" or "far-fetched" (mostly because, it never really is as complicated as you think anyway... or else you can MAKE it make sense). So if you want a snake that haunts a bathroom, go for it (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets).

Anyway, I think that things like role playing are great, because they give you a chance to develop characters better and come up with more potential material. I've seen a lot of creativity come from those sorts of things (mostly because people role play out of sheer enjoyment; truly good ideas come from that). I'd definitely encourage you to give writing down your ideas a try.

Whitewolf977 Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Thank you so much! I feel so much better now after you said that!

Now I don't have to worry about hurting her feelings and we can just having fun with the whole thing.
MakingFunOfStuff Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
HareTrinity Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:clap: Nicely said!

Reminds me, another of my pet peeves is drawn out deaths, e.g. lots of blood, screams of protest, over and over. In the Gormenghast series one of the main characters died so subtly at the end of a chapter that over the next page I had to stop and go back to the line to make sure I'd read it right. While gory ends can be funny and have their place, I think the quietly-snuffed-out deaths can be much more eerie because that's more how death tends to be. They're there, then they're gone, and for all of their life up 'til that point it's the other characters who are left to react, not them.
ArthurTheBraveOne Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for writing this. I'm glad to see that, reading your guides, I tend to avoid most (if not all) of the pitfalls you tend to name, and that really makes a guy feel a lot more self-assured (although I have, over the years, very much realized to always take /everything/ about writing with a grain of salt) about their writing. I find it especially funny that after reading all this, I once more realize that my current story could really do with a rewrite of the first few chapters because silly writing mistakes :P Maybe one thing I would add, which I've picked up elsewhere, is that main characters can (or maybe I ought to say 'should') never be a symbol (which actually ties more neatly into the mary-sue article, but oh well). Wondering if you'd have an opinion on that.

Even so, I can't say that I've read a particular amount of works that pretty much just start of with "OMFG I'm covered in blood I shall now be tragic!" Care to give me any pointers? After all, a great way to learn is to look at some things one should not do ;)

Thanks again for the great articles, would love to read some more from you. Have a watch good sir!

Ps. Do people still /do/ the random thing? Thought that went out of fashion when I was 14...
Scr1b3 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Stuff like this is gold! :love:
azdesertlupine Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this subject. I have seen plenty of the garbage variety stories you refer to in many free reading and writing archives across the internet. You have given this topic a great deal of valid thought, and I wish more would pay attention to such posts as you have provided. One thing I feel compelled to mention is that people who have made Twilight and 50 Shades so popular seem to fit the rabid fan girl and fan boy style of immaturity issues to the core. They are not highly literate as a rule, and have a type of vapid adoration of empty platitude style writing. With that being a common denominator, better writers get ignored unfairly due to the lower expectation class of readers who are beginning to dominate in the reading sector.

Sadly, when it comes to fan fiction based writing, I have noticed that the fanpoodle type tales with the similarities mentioned here will always win once the more rabid fan girls and boys get involved in the reading process. Such individuals do not care one whit for a well developed, good reading, and thought provoking story. Pushing their fanatical adoration for a certain pairing, or situation down every other reader's throats to the best of their abilities seem to be their only agenda in some instances.
GoGo-T-W Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2013   Traditional Artist
Of all the things I've been reading recently about writing good stories, I feel like this is the most relevant to anything I've ever actually written. 
KondoIsami Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
How they survive it is what makes them who they are.
MakingFunOfStuff Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2013
Tragedy helps us see who they are morally/spiritually, but the little things make them endearing as a character in a unique way.
Kataena Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2013
Rise Against?
KondoIsami Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2013
Shadow0B Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so perfect. I wrote a story with my friends that did the opposite of all of this. Introduced some characters, built up their story, and then BAM! Tragedy struck. There were some minor tragedy at the beginning, but like you said in the clarification, it was to lead up to everything, and establish a couple mechanics in the series. Unfortunately, a story that does all this crappy stuff gets all the comments and love, and the person who wrote it often tries to sabotage my works to make theirs look better :/
Shadow0B Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is so perfect. I wrote a story with my friends that did the opposite of all of this. Introduced some characters, built up their story, and then BAM! Tragedy struck. There were some minor tragedy at the beginning, but like you said in the clarification, it was to lead up to everything, and establish a couple mechanics in the series. Unfortunately, a story that does all this crappy stuff gets all the comments and love, and the person who wrote it often tries to sabotage my works to make theirs look better :/
Berna-EH Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Geez, it's the third of your posts I'm reading and it's almost 02:00 a.m. and I still have to take a shower and it's winter... You're worthy my watch :D
ArmarielRoZita Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Excellent points!!!
Steampunk08 Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you for pointing this out. It has been bothering me for awhile now :P
AzKai Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Professional Interface Designer
I definitely agree. I think it's important to note though that beginners are still going to make beginner mistakes! It's a part of learning.

Amen, still. :p
Goldfish-In-Space Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013   Writer
I really appreciate people who both understand this, and are willing to speak openly about it as a problem. Thanks!
scribblesinnias Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2013  Student Writer
They're not the next jk rowling, they're the next stephanie meyers.
maltese101 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student General Artist
" matter what kind of disease they have, WE. DO. NOT. CARE!!!!!"

Yes, I often find myself wanting to type that comment in all capitals when I read some stories. Quite frustrating.

Every writer should read this. :nod:
jonasgrant Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Writer
Quite right. I've caught myself doing that a few times as well, without some sort of threat or challenge, there's no plot, just a bunch of people doing stuff, you need the readers to stay interested long enough to care about your character and that's the tricky part on the Internet...
Deathwolf76 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Great words. I'll remember that when I'm writing my chapters.
Xooper Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013
Well said. Unfortunately, your characterization was off, so I didn't care...

Nitrinoxus Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I fully agree on the subject of lazy plotting and character writing. It's crucial to make the reader identify with and connect to the characters for the gravity of what they're going through to mean anything. It's the most basic form of character study, and yet so many writers neglect such a simple step.

As for feedback on stories, I tend not to shun commenters who like or even dislike the things I post. Instead I ask, "Why do you like it? What about it stuck out to you? Were there things you thought didn't work? If so, where and why did they not work for you?" Feedback is one thing; good feedback is something else entirely, and it's what I hope for when people comment on my work.
YourNinthLife Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this- you have no idea.

When I write, whether it be just for fun, for school, for ideas, or even for RPs, my characters and plot have to be as original and unique as I can make them. It saddens me to read, hear, watch, etc. of all these big titles, whether it be for a movie or book or game, or anything, that they all have cliches, Mary/Gary Sue/Stues, and perfect everything. And by perfect (sometimes), I mean huge, melodramatic sob stories. I despise characters that have just had tradedy after tragedy after tragedy thrown at them, for the sole purpose of being 'that badass character', or for sympathy.

Twilight is one of the biggest literature blunders, in my perspective. You can't just throw vampires and tragedy and war, and forbidden romance around just for the sake of it. The has to be more in it to actually captivate and meet the expectations it has set for itself. I will give it some props for a few big twists, at least that added to the plot, but other than that it ws terribly disappointing.

Things I strive to put in my writing, and I love to see in other writing (or movies), is something you don't see. A whole different perspective, a different way of writing/telling the story (as demonstrated in Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close. The book was brilliant, although I never saw the movie), or something new and fresh. One thing I like to do is have a seemingly regular person- not someone choosing by any prophecy, not someone hand picked by another being- supernatural or not- but someone who doesn't need a sob story, doesn't need a life crisis, doesn't need any already-decided fate or destiny to make them a hero or whatever. I think it should be the person they are themselves that makes them extraordinary. Of course, family, backstory, other beings, etc. will always be factors in shaping them, but I believe it should be any ordinary person's extra strength, determination, and personality to make any story just a little bit better.

Keep writing<3
ArthurTheBraveOne Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Although this is an old comment, and I really have no right to reply here, I still can't help myself, because TWI-RAGE. I'd like to add the fact that I couldn't wrestle myself through fifty pages because Bella was simply the most dislikable character I've ever read. And, you see, that in itself can be very intriguing: take, for example, Jonathan Franzen's 'Freedom', where one of the main characters is someone I would gladly punch in the face if I ever met them in real life. Even so, I couldn't put away the damn book, because the plot was some marvelous that I couldn't stop reading even when the character in question was making me almost physically sick. With twilight, it went more along the lines of "well, f*** that." and I returned the book to my friend.

Hope you don't feel bothered, and I really felt from your comment that you would be a pretty active writer, but I was saddened to see you have nothing uploaded! :O Not of the writing persuasion, or just putting stuff out elsewhere?
YourNinthLife Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh no problem, haha, I don't get on dA too much anymore anyways, but I always love to see comments in my feedback messages! :>

Well, I honestly can't say or judge too much on the Twilight series, books or movies, because I never could bring myself to read or watch a whole book or movie. e.e I've read some passages, and of course seen some clips of the movie, but to me it still seems like a very poor story and I don't have any interest in reading/watching it. That being said, I image that Bella is a rather horrible character that really doesn't seem to have much depth or dimension to. And she's even the main character, so that makes the story slow on her part, and has to be moved along by the other characters. But again, I'm not very familiar with the actual book or movie.

Oi, goodness, you checked out my page/profile/gallery? I have nothing to show (and nothing very good)! D| I've hardly uploaded anything to dA, either because I simply don't have the time or interest anymore. I would have posted some literature of my own, but I don't know how to do that to make it literature deviation, and I heard it was complicated so I just never did. Although I am flattered you would be interested, hehe! I mostly only upload something I wanted my friends to see, really.

I do write a few things of my own, a scattered and sporadic collection of poetry, thoughts, short stories, or story outlines, etc. Lots of doodles and art things as well, but they mostly stay strewn across my bedroom floor, tucked in a lost folder, or cowering away in some drawer. xD I haven't really published anything except a single poem to a Who's Who in Poetry hardback book that was really more of a scam to get young, foolish, and eager writers to get their work out (and pay a hefty price for the hardback, a 'certified award', or a lot of other 'I was in Who's Who's of Poetry!' merchandise). The book even had a terrible binding and fell apart a few days after, but oh well, what do you expect from an unknown sender in your inbox? xD

I've been considering writing a short story, maybe a fanfiction or a simple passage that's really more about quality than quantity, and leaves you with a curious afterthought in the end, but never really thought much about it and sat down to write it. I know that's what you have to do if you want to seriously write, but I've just mostly been busy or running head-on into a large wall labeled 'artist and writer's block,' haha. 
ArthurTheBraveOne Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
The entire depth of Bella's character is pretty much "ZOMG I love you Edward!". Well, you know where that's going :P Interestingly enough, I got the idea from the movies (which I was effectively forced to watch) that Edward is actually slightly less of a flat character, although he's still entirely unbelievable because at times his only desire and/or motive for actions seems to be "I will now be the perfect boyfriend for Stephanie Meyer". God, he just gets pushed around far too much for someone who's about 120 years old. Also, 120 year old virgin? Suuuuuure :P

I've found that making literature deviations is actually pretty easy: When submitting a deviation, simply look for the 'enter text' button/link-thingy directly under the 'choose a file to upload'. When you click that, it gives you a screen where you can simply copy-paste your text into :)

In the end, I decided to give a watch, because now you've made me curious for anything you might post either way xD And writer's/artist's block is major sucks, know that feel :( Personally, the only way I've found to get through it (that doesn't involve doing nothing for half a year until random inspiration strikes once more) is simply to write something regardless. Yes, it's going to suck (most likely), but at least it gets you flowing again, I find (and I've heard this advice from professional writers as well, so I suppose that says something). Either way, good luck in all your artistic endeavors, and hope you manage to wipe the floor with that writer's/artist's block! :)
YourNinthLife Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yep. That series is just... ugh. ._. I don't even think it could be salvaged if someone tried.

Oh, that should be useful! Thank you for the mini-tutorial, haha, I'll have to use that feature sometime. It probably was rather easy, I just never really bothered to actually look into it, especially after I was told it was somewhat complicated. v.v But! Now that I know how to do it (and that it's not hard at all), I shall try to use it in the future.~

Oh, dear Lord, why would you watch me? ;u; I mean- thank you, thank you, I'm flattered you would do so, and I shall return the favor, but I honestly don't have anything worth presenting, and nor do I think I will have much to show either. ;_; At least, in the near future. I do seriously need to get back into the swing of things, but even if I do start up writing or drawing seriously again, alas, I probably won't upload it to dA... Why? Because I really only come on dA to chat with friends, and- for a lack of a better word- derp around. xD Things that I upload basically consist of random crap, or little scribbles for my dA friends. Although I am honored to at least seem to have the potential to post something at least slightly worthy. cx 
And, yes! Man, is that good advice that you have. I know a few authors who've suggested that as well, and I have attempted multiple times to keep up a daily journal, or even just write something (leisurely) every day. It's like a cycle, for me: have a dry spell of creativity, and then get some spark of inspiration and write/draw something; work on it thoroughly for a day or two, and then loose interest; feel guilty and start up a schedule of writing/drawing once everyday (usually night for me); go through about two-five days of doing well, and then have a terrible day/tiring night/no inspiration/no time for a nightly drawing or writing, and then fall asleep; next night comes and I just abandon the schedule. 
So, as you can imagine, I have a terrible issue with keeping to a schedule, being committed, and just the general lack of trying to do anything serious for a good amount of time. But, I've come to admit defeat and have moved on from the depressed/stuck sort of mind-set that comes along with it, and set those things aside for now. For now. Being a the fighter that I am- or just being the obstinate person that I am xD- I refuse to let that whole cycle and it's grinding sense of low self-esteem trap me and my mind forever, so I know that at some point I will decide to get things back on track and get my head back into the game. At the moment, I've got the beginning of an intense school year, soccer, responsibilities, friendships, and an up-coming art program that really needs my immediate attention, and so unfortunately the leisurely writing and drawing will have to be put on a hiatus. 
For now.~
ArthurTheBraveOne Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
As for more twilight bagging, I think you may enjoy reading this:…. I did, at the very least :P

Ha, no more excuses not to upload any literature no more! :D Judging by the way you write in your comments, I think you would make for a really good short-story writer, so I honestly can't wait to read something =P

And I shall give watches to those who I deem interestingly enough to watch c: Seems you've met those criteria, so rejoice, huzzah! As above, I think that the way you write on a daily basis would make for potentially really enjoyable prose and/or poetry, and as such, I couldn't resist temptation. Also, don't talk to me about schedules, I once more realized that with my one-too-many hobbies, plus girlfriend, plus friendships that need maintaining plus uni /plus/ the overdose of distraction that is the internet, I'm just really poor at keeping up with them xD In all honesty, I convinced myself to start keeping a diary-type thing starting yesterday... and failed. On day one :P Also, I once tried doing nanowrimo, which turned out very well for a single week :P Then you end up having one bad day, which demotivates you from sticking to your scheduling as well as you should, because "I screwed up anyway" and then nothing happens for another month or so :P I risk having the same with my current story, and I think I'll have to dial back my schedule to once a week until I've gotten past a particularly troublesome section TT_TT

And hey, I've found that being obstinate/a fighter is actually a really, /really/ usefull characteristic to have as an aspiring writer, so keep your head up :P God, I forced myself to write poetry during the lazy hours at work this summer, and some of that is just so horrifyingly bad that I seriously thought about burning it so no one would ever have to see that again :P (I blame the environment: worked in an arcade, and the job itself was pretty fun, but I just spent my days inside a large concrete box with lots of annoying lights and sounds all around me =P ). Even so, because of just trudging through and accepting that about half of the stuff I was going to write was going to suck, I did eventually end up with most of those twelve pieces being at least halfway decent, and one or two being actually pretty good :)

And hey, to get back to the actual replying part :P, as I said, sometimes there's different things that require our attention than writing, and that's okay :) Last year I took part in a bit of writing class, and the teacher (who was basically a professional novelist) kept going on about how you had to write for at least an hour every day (he woke up, did three hours, had breakfast, did another two) and I got kind of hopeless because of that, because I was in a position during most of that class where my schoolwork wouldn't even allow me to actually do the homework for that class. Hell, I ended up having to drop that one altogether, because I just couldn't muster the mental effort to do any sort of thinking once my homework was done (remember kids, doing physics seven days a week from 9 to 9 is not good for you @.@). What I'm trying to say is (seeing as I got kind of off-track there): you're not a professional writer, so unless you really want to, it's always okay to not write something for a while :P Hell, I'd consider myself a pretty ambitious writer, and have been wanting to publish something ever since I really started writing back in high school, but I have had plenty of month-long periods where I maybe wrote just a single poem. My main story, Times of Crisis, currently is about 30.000 words long, but it's been in the works since 2010 or so, with giant hiatuses in between. And I've got at least four other 'larger' stories that are on backburners, hiding somewhere in the depths of my creative writing folder :P. And that's all okay, because I spend the time that I could have spent writing doing other things I love :)

/rant :P

PS. was there even a point to all of that final paragraph? I have no clue >_> Sorry if there wasn't! ;)

PPS. What kind of art program are you going to be doing?
YourNinthLife Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Holy wall of text, batman! :iconrobinplz: Just kidding, just kidding. xD I'll probably end up writing a lot as well, haha.

I'm really thinking about finally starting some story, now. I've no idea what story. I've got like, thousands of ideas and even outlines scrawled on paper somewhere, but my room is currently the disaster zone of an indoor tornado (being figurative here, just to clear that up. xD), so any old ideas will have to come slowly and in pieces from the back of my already overcrowded mind. But! I am now sort of clawing out of artists/writers block. I think. We shall see, lol. 

And yes, I am a very obstinate person. When it comes to anything. But usually 'anything' qualifies as something really little and stupid and totally unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, and more so along the lines of 'Oh yeah? Just WATCH me do this-!" 
Haha, but I find it very admirable that you've found a way to keep up with writing- even in an arcade or when inspiration was really being a bitch that day. ^-^ Even though some of it might have been crap (which may or not have been the case, Mr. Modest, hehe). xD And man, that takes dedication for your former instructor to write that much. I can hardly motivate myself to get out of bed half an hour before school starts! xD 

But, hearing that it is alright to just not right sometimes- that is a huge relief. Because, to be honest, sometimes I pressure myself or beat myself up mentally just because I've failed so many times to stay committed to my work. And it's very... liberating to realize that hey, you don't have to be writing (or drawing or whatever) 24/7 because that's what you want to do as a career, or for plans later on in life. Especially making good work. It really takes a toll on a person sometimes, so along with hearing that from someone else, and believing that myself, I can rest assured. ^.^ 

P.S. Don't worry about saying things that don't really have that much of a point. I do it all the time. :D It certainly adds more character to whatever you were trying to say. xD
PPS. I will be trying to get into a Ryman Arts program at Los Angeles, California (USA) which is open to high school students looking for a serious, additional, and education workshop/course to help them a head start in an artistic career. It's sort of like a college class, but for high school students. Who are already in a high school. And it's not for an actual career, but to help prepare for a career. If that makes ANY sense whatsoever. xD The spring semester starts around February, if I am not mistaken, and requires a well-made and developed portfolio; which is not something I have yet completed yet. ;_; I have maybe, two or three actually somewhat valuable pieces of art to my name. That's about it. Oi, I need to get over my art block soon. xD
free-to-be-Gee Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Very Helpful. THX :dalove:
Wihan3x Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I agree completely! I am no writer whatsoever, but if I have to read another melodramatic sob story about someone I know nothing about, trying to survive another day in a post apocalyptic highschool... I might just quite on humanity altogether!

It is such a dissapointment.
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